Tenth Led Lighting Exhibition In Chengdu

Tenth Chengdu International LED Lighting Fair” (hereinafter referred to as “the tenth LED Lighting exhibition in Chengdu”) is the largest in western China LED Lighting exhibition, 2-5 March 2012 will be held at the Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Meanwhile, Chongqing, Chengdu, as in addition to other Western Conference second field.…
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Metal Wall Art The New Generation Of Interior Design

Metal wall art is a modern type of artwork that works well with both conventional and contemporary approaches in interior design; in fact it has somewhat created a new generation fashion statement in household beautification. They allure the eyes and make an impression wherever they are placedlike a painting that can enchant an individuals glare and catch the interest, curiosity and awe of anyone who takes a single glimpse. And because they come in a variety of kinds, these pieces of art can be placed virtually in any room.
Pieces of metal wall art are fashioned using different kinds of metal. From expensive ones such as brass and copper to the more affordable wrought iron, no matter what material they are made of these neutral artworks make excellent tools in interior decoration. Existing in diverse shapes, sizes and forms, master craftsmen spend hours welding, hammering, shaping and sculpting these sheets of metal into their respective final magnum opuses. And whatever appearance they takewhether it is square, circle, rectangle, flower patterns or decorative mirrorsthey undoubtedly leave lasting impressions of magnificence, class and splendor. These modern artworks can work well alone or in groups spaced out on the wall, and there are a number of basic techniques which can be used to maximize on their functionality and design:

Metal wall hangings can be affixed at the back of the homes entrance door to give a classical appeal while playing the useful role of a place where hats, coats and umbrellas can be hung. Metal wall grilles are known to be wonderful decorations to plain, living room walls, while metal candle sconces hung by the stairway walls can give the homes interior a semi-classic appearance. The living room can be further accentuated with an intricately designed metal wall mirror and an artificial floral display placed on a wall pocket. The mirror itself will create a brighter, livelier living room by reflecting light and the flowers will add a touch of life and vivacity. As for a bedrooms interior, if a rustic, traditional appeal is preferred a metal wall quilt rack can be quite a charming design to behold. It can be adorned by old, heirloom quilts along with other distinctive antique trinkets. The bathroom can have its fair share of metal art in the form of a iron paper towel holder. The market is full of wonderfully designed metal wall hangings and is sure to never run out of designs to offer.
Whatever kind of appeal one would want for his or her homemay it be rustic, traditional or modernmetal wall art would exhibit excellent blending capabilities. It is a 21st century innovation in art and interior design, and despite its modern nature it works well with all motifs from classical to modern. The most effective technique to use is to place them on white or plain areas, and in doing so they would create a lasting impression by naturally drawing in attention and becoming a rooms main point of attraction.

How Kitchen Backsplash Choices Can Make or Break your Interior Design

If you select the right kitchen backsplash for your kitchen you may end up on the cover of popular interior design publications for your great style and selection, however, if you choose the wrong backsplash you’ll throw off the entire look of your new kitchen. With so many kitchen backsplash materials and looks available today it is important to select a material and style that will highlight your overall kitchen decor and show off its uniqueness and individuality. Lets review some of the kitchen backsplash options available today:

You can follow literally hundreds of kitchen tile backsplash ideas and themes using ceramic tile installations for your backsplash. Using tiles as your backsplash can really give you a chance to be creative and show off your unique style. There are thousands of artistic and artesian tiles you can order that can be a unique design centerpiece to your backsplash installation. If you go this route, the longest time in this process is usually trying to narrow your pick down to that special tile you like. Expect to spend a lot of time online browsing the thousands of available styles.

Along the ceramic tile backsplash theme you can also select a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to create your own unique mosaic kitchen backsplash ideas. Again, your choices are staggering here, but if done right can really make your kitchen look spectacular. Its best to work with an interior designer or color expert to identify the best background and accent colors to use on your backsplash design.

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Latest Trends And Fashionable Interior Design Provide Loft Conversion Company London

A Loft Conversion Company London build a home like bedroom, storage, entertainment room attractive. A housed is not just a restoration of your preferences, but also of your character. Every person desires a home that they can be magnificent to show off, and one that is inviting. Loft Conversion Company provides an option for home renovation. Create your aspiration home a reality is not just about expense lots of money on decor, but also about the decision the wonderful kinds to suit your home. Contemporaneous interior design today has evolved to a level where homes have transformed to being fashionable, affordable and realistic all at once. Houses today come is various dimensions. Doing them up require an eye for factor, the capability to fit space and also find the wonderful fit out that enhance the visual charm of your home. Being competent to do this take some skill, and also a tremendous amount of longanimity. While some may have the wonderful thoughts for their living spaces, they are lost about how they should acquire around the bedrooms. It may not be simple to come up with a solution for each room in your house, which is why proficient solutions are the finest bet.

A many possibilities for roof space renovation in the UK are accessible to homeowners, depending on the size of the loft. There are four special types of renovation that are complete; Velux, the general loft conversion in London and the most cost valuable; Dormer, which require an additional room to the accessible roof; Mansard, which maximizes the room in the roof space and stylish to gable, which is the attic conversion used when interior space in the loft is not adequate. The biggest advantage of furniture packs is that they intermix in all rooms to integrate your house seamlessly.

The services of an illustrious roof space alteration company are very useful in selecting you to identify what the choice or in the case of your particular attic renovation in London. They will come to your home and settle on all of the choices. After selecting any process within 30-40 days They can rotate that unused attic space into practically. After renovate house the value of your home increase 20-30%.

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Restaurant Ideas Ten Tips For Great Lighting

This article isn’t going to be an endorsement of any specific junk or a bunch of theory. What this article shall be is a list of tactical tip a check list if you will of common mistakes I see in restaurant lighting. The intent is that when a restaurant owner or restaurant designer is reviewing a lighting plan each of these points should be checked. If each idea is addressed then the lighting plan should be excellent.
1. Plan on light coming out of the kitchen. The kitchen is by necessity a well light room, the dining room is probably dimmer. Let me paint the picture for you of what I am writing about. You are sitting having a nice dinner, when a staff member walks out of the kitchen and a slash of bright white light cuts across the dining room and leaves all the customers blinking. This is a real bummer. Place the kitchen door carefully thinking about when the door is open and the kitchen and dining rooms are connected. Ideally the door opens into server alley shielded from the dining room. If not then look to place wing walls to cut off light and noise. At least use the door swing to direct light away from clients.
2. Watch the light angles. This applies mostly to track lights but any light fixture that exposes the bulb will have this problem. The example here is, you have a painting on the wall, you want to put a spot light on it from a track head. There is a booth on the wall below the aforementioned art. The track light needs to be close enough to the wall so a patron shall not be likely to put their head between the painting and track head. If the track head is to far back from the wall then the light beam will be more parallel to the ground and therefore more likely to shine directly into a customers eyes.
3. Vary the light levels from space to space. A restaurant will have several different public spaces, reception, bar, dining, etc. Have a strategy of varying the light levels to change the mood and energy levels in a manner compatible with the space. The reception area should probably be brighter than dining so people can easily identify the host and make a transition from the outdoor light.
4. Use a mix of light fixtures. Unless you are doing quick service don’t just pick out 1 fixture. Select different fixtures for general lighting, accent lights and feature lights. First decide if the light should be seen or unseen. What I mean by this is an unseen light fixture just provides light without being noticeable. General illumination lights are usually unseen, recessed down lights in a ceiling or plain black pendant lights in an exposed structure. Seen light fixtures provide some visual interest in addition to providing light, examples of this are chandeliers and colored glass pendants. General illumination is how you achieve the base light level in a room, these lights can be either seen of unseen depending on your design intent. Accent lights are the light fixtures that provide more light where you desire it, like for artwork. Accent lights are almost always of the unseen variety. Feature lights are by definition seen, these light exist for the express purpose of providing visual interest to a room.
5. Minimize bulb types. Now I just told you to vary your light fixtures and now I am telling you not to over do it. You can have as many different fixtures as is appropriate to the design, but keep the number of bulbs to a minimum. Try to limit the bulbs to 3. The owner shall require to stock lights so don’t require them to have a store room dedicated to a dozen different lights lamps.
6. Provide house keeping lights. For a few hours a day the restaurant shall want to be bright so it can be cleaned and setup for the day. Provide some way either with dedicated lights or lighting control for the lights level to come up for off hours function.
7. Provide Sun Control, don’t look closed during the day. The biggest light you shall have in your restaurant in the sun. This is great except when the sun beats directly in through the windows blinding customers. This is especially bad on west window during dinner or east windows during breakfast. The natural thing to do is provide blinds at the windows but this can leave you looking closed and not taking advantage of a great natural resource. Some of your option are window tints, translucent light filtering shade, awnings or light shelves. Ask yourself when I am controlling intense sun light do I look closed?
8. Use Dimmers. What I am on about is not a residential dimmer switch but a smart panel that has several programmable lighting seens. A dimming panel will allow you to set light levels for breakfast, lunch, dinner and house keeping; move to each light level with the push of a button; and the lights shall fade from level to level. Another advantage to a dimmer panel is that it will extend the bulb life of all the lamps when they are not burning at full capacity.
9. Task lighting for servers. Provide task lights at important locations so servers can see what they are doing. A point of sale terminal may be internally illuminated but the cash and receipts are not. Also consider good task lighting where the drinks and flatware are stored so a quick inspection for cleanliness can be preformed before the table is reset.
10. Outside lights, be clearly open. In addition to your sign provide some outside lights that make it know you are clearly open. Some options are goose neck lights, ground lights and landscape light fixtures. Light up your facade to make the building standout at night and let people know you are there and ready to serve, its just good business.
There it is my check list for great lighting. I hope everyone finds it helpful.